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A Message from the Mediguano author
I have always found  bats intriguing.
Their genome has several fragments of viral  DNA for one. Probably why they are an effective host reservoir for some of the worst diseases known to man. And crocodiles for that matter. Once, while running BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) on a fragment from Epomops franqueti (a huge African fruit bat) known to be asymptomatic while infected with Ebolavirus, the fragment showed a significant match for the Crocodile poxvirus. No Ebola though.  
What does this all have to do with writing? Saw this quote from Monte Python:

“Your highness, when I said that you are like a stream of bat’s piss, I only mean that you shine out like a shaft of gold when all around it is dark.”

That’s about how I write. Sometimes there’s a thought behind it. Most of the time it ‘s  pure stream of  guano.  Rick


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